The Humble Jar of Mint Sauce

As a vegetarian-turned-pescetarian for my entire life, I’ve never really felt the need for mint sauce. While the rest of my family (greedy sister included) lavishly drizzled it across Sunday dinners and meat pies, I sat nibbling on a crudite and wondering what all the fuss was. That was, until recently.

I decided to make Sophie Dahl’s recipe: My Mama’s Baked Acorn Squash, which is stuffed with a lovely minty pea and feta filling. Substituting the acorn squash for a mini green pumpkin, I had all the ingredients waiting in my fridge, but I couldn’t find fresh mint anywhere. As wandered through the fourth supermarket in despair, I decided to be brave and headed to the condiment aisle, where I bought my first jar of mint sauce.

Sophie Dahl tells you to stir fresh mint, brown sugar and olive oil into a saucepan of peas, so at this stage in the recipe I just mixed a couple of teaspoons of mint sauce into my petit pois. I then crumbled some feta over the top, before spooning the minty mixture into the hollowed halves of baked pumpkin. It turned out delicious and is such a simple, healthy meal that I’ll certainly be trying again.

my take on Sophie Dahl's minty squash recipe
my take on Sophie Dahl’s minty squash recipe

With the rest of the jar remaining, I decided to experiment with other dishes and I’ve found the following to be particularly yummy…

Four more uses for mint sauce:

  • Mix with olive oil and use as a simple salad dressing
  • Mix with greek yoghurt and cucumber for a tzatziki-style dip
  • Mix with natural yogurt and swirl on top of an Indian curry
  • Drizzle over a feta and greek salad wrap for a tasty lunch

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