Things to do in Harrogate

StrEat Food and Family Fun Festival

This weekend we visited the StrEat Food and Family Fun Festival held in the Valley Gardens in Harrogate.

The sun was shining and the park was full of families, music and an array of food stalls. 

It was a dream come true for greedies like us and we weren’t sure where to begin our feasting. After walking past an Indian street food truck we couldn’t resist the delicious smells and decided on samosa chaat to start. We found a spot amongst the flowers and lay down our picnic blankets.Next, some of the group opted for Greek kebabs, whilst I settled on jerk chicken, having made sure I had thoroughly surveyed all the available options! In between eating we were entertained by the joyful trombones of the Baghdaddies and watched unsuspecting members of the public being cautioned by the smile police. 

You could even have a ride in a full bath, being driven around the park by VespaSqua.For our final course we opted for waffles from the Belgian Waffle Tuk and churros dipped in Spanish Valharona chocolate. Sadly the StrEat Food Festival has finished for this year in Harrogate, however they are hosting an even bigger festival at nearby Newby Hall. This event will be held over 22nd-24th September and includes glamping, outdoor cinema and DJ sets by Scott Mills. If you fancy going you can still purchase tickets here.

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