Review: Riverford Organic recipe box

We were recently lucky enough to be sent one of Riverford Organic’s veg boxes. We used to subscribe to one of their veg box schemes a few years ago, but with a toddler and busy jobs we felt we might struggle to find time to prepare the meals from scratch. Riverford were happy to try to change our minds with one of their vegetarian recipe boxes.

They contain everything you need to cook a  meal from scratch. Everything is weighed out and even basic ingredients are included, so you won’t need to do any extra trips to the shops. We arrived home to a big box waiting on the doorstop and were excited to see what was inside. The contents were kept cool with big ice packs and natural wool insulation so there was no worry about things being spoilt, even in this hot weather. The box contained enough for two meals – a carrot biryiani and soufflé asparagus buckwheat pancakes. 

Everything is seasonal and as local as possible, so you can be sure your meal is packed full of nutrients. We were having an untypically lazy weekend so decided to cook the meals for our weekend lunches. It was certainly easy, with even the spices weighed out in tiny pots. The meals did take a bit of time to prepare so I think they would be best for a weekend treat, rather than a weekday supper.

Saturday’s lunch was the carrot biryiani, and it felt like we were eating something really special. The meals were fresh, full of flavour and helped us break out of the rut we had got into of having pretty much the same things every week.

On Sunday we had the luxurious soufflé pancakes, which would have made a very impressive brunch for guests.

The recipe boxes aren’t cheap, starting from £11.20 per meal for two people for the vegan box, but they would be a lovely thing to do if you had visitors over (or just fancy spoiling yourselves). Their standard veg boxes are more economical if you don’t mind prepping things yourself. They also do lots of other ones from meat, to fruit boxes and salads, which all include lovely seasonal recipe suggestions.

Thank you again to Riverford Organic for gifting us such a lovely treat.

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