Recipe: Mince Pie Martini

We first made this BBC Good Food recipe three Christmases ago and since then it’s become an annual favourite. It’s perfect throughout December, but especially on Christmas Eve. In fact, we love this cocktail so much we’ll probably keep drinking it into the New Year. Dry January? Not for us!

We’d advise making the mincemeat syrup in advance of any guests arriving, as you need time to let it cool. The syrup would make a lovely Christmas gift if you scale up the recipe and decant into pretty jars, although you may well want to keep it all for yourself.

Makes 4 75ml glasses


To make the syrup:

100ml water

100g golden caster sugar

50g mincemeat

To make the cocktail:

4tsp mincemeat

100ml gin

100ml sweet vermouth

20ml dark rum

80ml mincemeat syrup



Make the syrup by adding the water, sugar and mincemeat to a saucepan then bring to the boil.

Cool and then strain through a sieve lined with muslin.

Muddle 4tsp mincemeat in a cocktail shaker then add the gin, vermouth, rum, syrup and ice.

Shake well then strain into a glass.

Optional: Mix 4tbsp caster sugar with 4tsp mixed spice, dampen the rims of your glasses and dip into the spicy sugar mix.



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