GS loves #17

The last week has been a rather challenging one for both of us greedy sisters; wouldn’t it be lovely if life was always blog-perfect? But we’ve still managed to enjoy some new projects and spent a much needed family weekend back home with our parents.

Global knives

My week began with a cookery course, which I booked as a new year’s resolution using some Christmas money. For the duration of the five-week course I’ll be packing my new Global knives (thanks parents!) and heading to Tameside College for some rather intense night classes, covering all sorts of advanced cookery techniques. I assumed the first class would be more theory-based and ease us in gently, but it started with my biggest fear; butchering and cooking meat.

As a lifelong vegetarian-turned-pescetarian, I have only ever cooked meat once, and that was a pretty basic roast duck recipe which I only touched momentarily before putting in the oven. On this occasion, the chef showed us how to butcher an entire chicken, then we were given our own chicken legs which we had to de-bone from the hip through the knee, leaving the ankle bone intact to create a neat pouch. We then cleaned and trimmed this and filled the leg with a herby chicken breast mousse, then rolled into a ballotine and steamed. We made a chasseur sauce and we were taught how to properly prepare everyday ingredients such as onions, garlic, mushrooms and a tomato concasse. The lesson was very tiring but extremely enjoyable and rewarding, and a new project is always a great distraction during difficult times. I’m reliably informed that my chicken dish was very tasty (I’ll post the recipe on here sometime). Wish me luck for next week!


My greedy sister kept herself busy by knitting her first scarf. She’s certainly getting good at crafts these days and I’m looking forward to seeing her next masterpiece (perhaps we’ll be in for some knitted Christmas presents this year?!).

Cawthorne Park

For the bank holiday weekend we both went back home to see our parents. There’s no place like it! The weekend began on Friday night with home-cooked fish, chips and pea puree. On Saturday we headed to a childhood favourite, Cawthorne Park, where we let the dogs enjoy the open fields then headed to the pretty Fairyland gardens. Next stop was Cannon Hall farm shop and deli, where we stocked up on some goodies for the rest of the weekend.


Saturday night dinner was another homemade feast, starting with butternut squash ravioli which our mum and dad taught me how to make a couple of months ago. Warning: you need a lot of worktop for the pasta rolling process! The meat-eaters enjoyed chicken topped with creamy mushrooms and wrapped in parma ham for the main course, while I had some simple smoked haddock and green beans. Dessert was lemon posset with ‘fork biscuits’ that we made earlier in the day, and definitely a recipe I’ll be posting on here soon.


After all that delicious food (and a truly scrumptious roast dinner on Sunday) it was time to put our feet up, so we sat back and watched the incredible Lemonade film that accompanies Beyonce’s latest album. We made the most of our dad’s Naim hifi to give the album a proper test drive and we can’t get the catchy melodies and powerful lyrics out of our heads. Now we’re all fired up by Queen B and ready for the week ahead :).

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