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A Greedy Guide to Paris: Drinks in the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is famously occupied by students from the universities that populate this bohemian district. Much like their British counterparts, it seems Parisian students know a thing or two about drinking, so we followed their lead on one particularly rainy afternoon and explored some of the most popular haunts.

We started out at Brewberry; a welcoming cave filled with hundreds of varieties of beer from around the world. The prices are reasonable and remain the same whether you choose a bottle from the shelf to take home or drink it on-premise. A selection is kept constantly chilled, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff will also take any beer off the shelf and chill it for you in five minutes.

Beers in the rain, Brewberry

Next stop was Le Café de la Nouvelle Mairie close to the Sorbonne; a quintessentially French café and bar. With a Kir in hand and plenty of interesting characters to people watch, we sheltered from the rain and soaked up the traditional atmosphere of this local meeting point for students and lecturers alike.

Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie
Kir, le Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie
Le Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie
Le Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie

A short walk away we found Le Crocodile, a tiny bar on the Left Bank that serves dangerously strong cocktails. With school desk-style booths, posters plastered on every wall and annotations from previous patrons scrawled across the extensive cocktail menus, this fun little den was perfect for finishing our boozy afternoon in the Latin Quarter.

Le Crocodile
Cocktails at Le Crocodile


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